The designer

Marie Laporte comes from a family where members cut and sew their own clothes. She did not escape this passion and family custom and started making her own clothes as a teenager with the help of her mother and grandmother.

Passionate about fashion and a former model, her taste for beautiful materials and sewing led her to launch her own brand of custom-made wedding dresses in 2005. The softness of the lines, the intelligence of the cuts, the finesse of the materials and the resolutely chic and elegant style make the success of the brand.

Marie Laporte expands and sets up her own workshop in the heart of Paris, just a stone's throw from the Parc Monceau. A professional and passionate team invests in the creation of the dresses. A magical place where the fittings of the future brides and the work of the hands of fairy are mixed.

The history of Dune

DUNE, above all, is a tribute to Marie Henriette, Marie's grandmother.

Marie has always had a great admiration for her femininity, her elegance, her coquetry, her wardrobe which included many sumptuous dresses, shoes, bags and hats...

Summer evenings on vacation were punctuated daily by long walks in the sand dunes, a shared experience for the grandmother and her granddaughter... As a result, it's no surprise that Marie chose this lovely moniker for her ready-to-wear collection.