Workshop Selection

The dresses of the DUNE line are made exclusively in our Parisien workshop. Our experienced seamstresses dressmakers ensure empeccable quality. This proximity is an enormous asset! It offers the possibility to follow the making of the dresses from A to Z until they are shipped to you/

Universal Cuttings

The entire Dune line has been designed and developed to suit a variety of body types and ages: long, midi and short dresses with clean, easy-to-wear cuts. Does the length of your dress need to be adjusted by a few centimeters? Don't hesitate to turn to your local seamstress or a good alteration shop.

Material Selection

DUNE is committed to making perfect dresses with fabrics sourced in an eco-friendly manner for a 100% French production. Viscose, silk, muslin are certified OEKO-TEX for the respect of the planet. The laces made on the old mechanical looms of northern France are recovered from the stocks of the house Marie Laporte.

Beautiful Finishings

Nothing is left to chance, pretty buttons covered with the fabric of the dress, English seams for transparent fabrics, tulle bias to border the laces... Finishes that make your dresses refined and neat. Dune has at heart to make you wear the dress of your dreams, with perfect finishes.

Discover the materials we use

All these materials have been chosen carefully to satisfy an impeccable quality,

while minimising their impact on the environment.


Viscose, sometimes called artificial silk, is a vegetable textile originally made from cellulose and collodion, replacing the use of silkworms, made from wood pulp. We have sourced a beautiful viscose to line the dresses and bring a silky and soft touch to the skin.

Silk Muslin

Muslin is a fine, transparent and vaporous fabric. It comes from Bangladesh and is made from carded silk cotton, which is untangled and combed to obtain a soft and supple fiber. We favour this material on our skirts for an airy and noble look.

Calais Lace

A lace is a fabric without weft or warp, generally made of silk, linen or nylon thread, executed by lacemakers by hand or by machine, using similar or dissimilar stitches, forming a design with lace edges or not. Our laces come exclusively from the factories of Calais or Caudry.


Crepe is a fabric that has been worked for its wavy appearance. The fabric is subjected to a very strong twist and eventually a heating to deform its fibers in a given direction. We chose a light crepe with a nice grain for a fluid fall for our skirts.